Driving Defensively Keeps You Safe

defensive driving course adelaide

You and your team can stay safe on the roads with the aid of the defensive driving course in Adelaide. Become a more careful driver.Corporate, fleet or private car drivers can enroll in defensive courses that are tailored for individuals or groups. On-the-job training is provided in authentic learning environments.We welcome P-plate and learner drivers.

You can give courses in your van, or automobile. If required, we can also provide training cars.

Improve your driving

Average drivers have accidents.Estimation indicates that a normal driver will have four collisions throughout their lifetime. There are more than a million drivers in South Australia, and every day, 200 of them are engaged in collisions. Numbers don’t add up because most drivers have been on the road for at least 60 years. Driving defensively makes for better driving. Think critically and keep safe by doing so.

Learn preventative measures that have a significant impact on your driving safety. Learn “Positive Driving” strategies that everyone should know but doesn’t!

Refresher or Confidence Building Courses

Perhaps you believe that a defensive driving course Adelaide is unnecessary but nevertheless want to drive with more assurance. For metropolitan or rural drivers, enquire about taking one of our Competent Driver or Refresher courses.Whatever you need to improve your driving, we can assist you in doing so.

Lifting large objects is exhausting, let’s face it. But if you’re seeking a quick and effective approach to train your staff on how to use scissor lifts and ensure that they understand how crucial safety is when using this equipment, we have what you need.

Our online course can be viewed at any time and from any location. Even weekends won’t stop someone from finishing this coursework, regardless of whether they work full-time or part-time. We want everyone who might come into contact with any kind of construction site—from individuals working on their own homes to massive building contractors needing numerous workers—to have a basic understanding of using best practices while making use of every piece of equipment available. With the help of our online scissor lift license program, employeescan swiftly qualify as scissor lift operators with OSHA approval.

Do You Want to Register Your Employees in Certification Courses for Scissor Lifts?

Let’s first think about scissor lifts, how they operate, and where they are frequently used in order to decide whether scissor lift training is required.

scissor lifts are frequently seen on construction sites across the nation. They are extremely effective pieces of heavy machinery utilized for a range of maintenance, building, and material-handling operations. However, all workers working with or from scissor lifts are officially required to undergo OSHA-approved operating certification and safety training sessions, and that’s where CMO can assist. These requirements are in place to ensure that scissor lifts are operated safely and to prevent major workplace mishaps.

For your entire business, we offer comprehensive, OSHA-compliant scissor liftlicense training.